Book Report: Congo

Congo Cover

This one makes you think about the unexplored territories of our planet. It’s mind-boggling that with so many advances in technology and 7.5 billion people in the world, some locations remain so isolated that we still don’t have the physical capacity to map them out. What’s lurking there? Cannibalistic tribes who have never come into contact with modern society? Undiscovered species or subspecies (or monsters)? Nobody knows. It’s a breeding ground for myth and superstition. The same can be said for the deepest parts of the ocean… but let’s save that discussion for another Michael Crichton review.

Amy the gorilla, who is somehow connected to the Lost City of Zinj, is endearing and you start to care about her. Anybody know where I can adopt a baby gorilla? Michael Crichton probably based this novel on a new giant ape species discovered in the Congo, which are ferocious and capable of killing lions. Guess I’ll cancel my plans to map out the missing areas of the rainforest until I’m in better shape.

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