Book Report: Dark Matter

Dark Matter Cover

We make decisions every day that ultimately direct the course of our lives. Stop and think about where you are in life at this very moment—what decisions led you to this point? If you believe in the multiverse, you believe that each time a decision is made which alters the course of your life (which is every decision regardless of size), a new parallel world is created where everything is exactly the same except for that one decision. A branched world where an alternate decision was made that leads to an alternate life.

It kind of gives you a headache to think about. Let me add to your headache—think about the versions of you living their lives in the parallel worlds, who are also making more decisions leading to additional parallel universes being created. Infinite worlds.

There’s a world where I became a famous musician. There’s a world where Elon Musk and I are best friends. There are worlds where I married my old girlfriends. There’s a world where I died in a car crash years ago. There’s a world where everything is exactly the same, but I decided to not write this blog post. Who knows how it will affect my life in the years to come…

Thinking this way can give you decision paralysis, so don’t let it get in your head. We all have regrets in life, but our decisions made us who we are today. If you could go back in time and make a different decision at a critical moment, it’s possible that it would result in a better life. But it’s also possible that it would result in a worse life—maybe much worse. If you’re alive, breathing, relatively healthy, the sun is still shining, and the birds are still singing, you’ve won the multiverse lottery.

Read this book if the idea of the multiverse fascinates you. It has a lot of great twists and explores the possible consequences of traveling to parallel universes. One funny moment is when the main character strikes out while trying to get a date with his wife in a parallel universe. Makes me feel better about striking out with girls, knowing there’s an alternate universe where I succeeded. Good job, Jason56.

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