Book Report: Left of Boom

Left of Boom Cover

It’s uncomfortable to think about what it would be like to completely hide most of the details of your life from everyone including friends, family, and loved ones. The work Doug was doing for the CIA was so significant and impressive, yet he couldn’t tell a soul about it outside his circle of work peers. What kind of psychological toll does that take on a man?

A lot of these types of books are filled with pages of mundane details, but this one was riveting from cover to cover. Doug was just a regular guy fresh out of college, and joined the CIA to eventually become a successful field officer in a remote area of Afghanistan—completely blending in with the locals, perfecting the language, and gathering intel for our country in a secret war. You really can’t help but have massive respect for Doug and other officers/agents/soldiers who put their lives at risk to protect our country. This book made me all the more grateful for the sacrifices they make.

Even in an organization as large and full of bureaucratic red tape as the government, there’s still room for innovation and creative problem solving. It just takes the right mind to do it, and a lot of determination in the right place at the right time.

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