Book Report: Superhuman By Habit

Superhuman By Habit Cover

I always enjoy books by Tynan because they’re short and to the point—usually readable in a single day. This one was just as enjoyable and informative as his previous books. My habits could use some attention, in some areas more than others, and I’m looking forward to breaking some bad ones and creating better ones this year.

The overall point of the book is something we all know but struggle to act on: habits are formed by routines and triggers. If you want to get into a good habit, you have to repeat it over and over again at the same time each day. You also have to establish smaller habits to “trigger” your mind into doing the bigger ones—like drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up as a trigger for brushing your teeth, or placing some drum sticks on your path to the bathroom as a trigger for throwing down a quick groove when you come back.

Routine is where I struggle the most. My schedule tends to be all over the place and I don’t like to stop working when I’m in the zone (resulting in some late nights). This usually throws my entire routine off and makes it difficult to establish habits. I’ll do better this year.

Not happy? Assume that it is your fault. Not in shape? Assume that it is your fault. Not as wealthy as you’d like to be? Assume that it is your fault. Don’t have as many friends as you’d like, get sick frequently, or live in a messy house? All your fault.

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